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CO-OP Calamity Continues, Costing Taxpayers More than $2 Billion

Jun 28, 2017
Minuteman Health’s Exit Leaves Only Four CO-OPs in Existence

WASHINGTON, DC – Nineteen of the original 23 Obamacare CO-OPs have failed at a total cost to taxpayers of more than $2 billion, and left vulnerable patients with fewer places to turn for help.

The latest CO-OP to leave the marketplace is Minuteman Health, Inc., which serves both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With Minuteman’s exit, 37,000 patients will be forced to find a new health care plan for January.

The only CO-OPs still slated to be open to patients in January are: New Mexico, Maine, Wisconsin, and Montana.

CO-OPs that have failed and taxpayer dollars received (in order by closing announcement):

CoOportunity Health - Iowa and Nebraska
Cost: $145,312,100

Louisiana Health Cooperative, Inc.
Cost: $65,790,660

Nevada Health Cooperative
Cost: $65,925,396

Health Republic Insurance of New York
Cost: $265,133,000

Kentucky Health Care Cooperative - Kentucky and West Virginia
Cost: $146,494,772

Community Health Alliance Mutual Insurance Company - Tennessee
Cost: $73,306,700

Colorado HealthOp
Cost: $72,335,129

Health Republic Insurance of Oregon
Cost: $60,648,505

Consumers' Choice Health Insurance Company - South Carolina
Cost: $87,578,208

Arches Mutual Insurance Company – Utah

Meritus Health Partners – Arizona
Cost: $93,313,233

Consumers Mutual Insurance – Michigan

InHealth Mutual – Ohio

HealthyCT – Connecticut

Oregon Health’s CO-OP
Cost: $56,656,900

Land of Lincoln Health – Illinois

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey

Evergreen Health Cooperative Inc. – Maryland

Minuteman Health, Inc. – Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Cost: $156,442,995


Note: This total does not include Vermont’s CO-OP, which was denied an insurance license by the state, and was dissolved before enrolling a single person.